Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guest Post: Michelle Badger

Going forward in Faith
By Michelle Badger


We have worked on food storage for years. Over the years I have learned it is NOT about the FOOD it is about Obedience and Sacrifice. After 23 years the Lord would test our family to the limit. Would we be able to give up and share with others what we had worked so hard to obtain to be obedient? Several years ago I became sick. Really sick to the point I couldn't eat anything without becoming sick and I was in constant incapacitating pain. For 2 years I suffered until the Lord blessed me with those who would help diagnose me and lead me on a journey to healing my body. In the process we learned that the majority of our food storage was now poisonous to my body in that I had developed severe allergies to wheat and chemical preservatives. Then 2 of our daughters developed the same allergies. years we had gone without so much to obtain our food storage because we have never had very much money. Just enough to get us through day by day. As a family years earlier we had decided that since we didn't have very much money and my health wouldn't allow me to work that we would go without all the fun extras most families enjoy in order to be obedient in obtaining our food storage. And now we couldn't eat 3/4 of it. I remember asking myself WHY?! Then one day while reading my scriptures I had the strongest impression to look for individuals who needed what we had and now could not use. I would like to say that I quickly agreed with this spiritual impression, however, I admit at first I struggled because even tho I could not eat it, our little family had sacrificed so much! Yet, after truly humbling myself, speaking with my sweet husband and children about my impressions it was decided as a family to find those who needed what we had and share with them. This is also why I have written both my cookbooks. I wanted to help others who are struggling like we are. I wanted to help make their lives and little easier and to bring a little bit of Joy into their lives through good food. I do not know if we will sell many cookbooks and yet God knows I have done as he has asked and the cookbooks are dedicated to him and the proceeds go to supporting our daughters mission. I do not know what the future holds for my sweet husband, myself and my family and yet I Know when we put our Faith and Trust in the Savior Jesus Christ we are in his hands and blessings will come through miracles. "A Wheat Free Life," and "A Wheat Free Life vs the Holidays" are available on

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