Friday, October 31, 2014

Learning to Float


I went to the beach with my sister and some friends last week, and while away I planned to fix some writing issues, catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs, read The Screwtape Letters, and create new blog content. I had such big plans.

Well. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, if you want to make God laugh - tell him your plans. HA!  I came home further behind on all my writing/reading projects.

The Internet was intermittent in the beach house.  My Surface tablet kept doing weird things.  A sore ankle I've been dealing with acted up.  The beautiful weather kept calling me outside.  Sense and Sensibility and Mama Mia were on the DVD list, and pretty soon, I just didn't care about working. I preferred to make apple dumplings and help my sister make greeting cards.

I don't take vacations often, and it's hard for me to mentally release my writing.  I love writing, so a week away with the girls (no interruptions) sounded great.  But after about four days of attempting to get things done, and failing, I embraced the goof-off time and discovered I really loved it.

Who knew?

I think God knew.  He placed in me this call to write, so I blame him for my compulsion.  But, He also gave me a week away and slowly but surely removed the tools I use to write.  I found myself daydreaming and laughing and sleeping in and feeling lazy.  My head cleared a bit, and I began to just enjoy the moment.  This is not something I do naturally.  I'm always focused on what's coming up, what's due, what needs preparation.  I'm a long-term thinker.  To float for a week seemed foreign at first, but then...I loved it.  I could have used a few more days as a floater, actually.

I ended up thanking God for tugging me out of my own life for awhile.  I did come home refreshed. Which is what vacations are about, I'm told.  I probably need to get away more often.  My hubby had a good week without me and accomplished a lot of things around the house. 

I guess the world won't suffer if I take a break from writing. 

I hear God laughing again.

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