Friday, October 3, 2014

Thanks, Ladies

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I just spent an hour reading posts on this blog, and I felt such a connection with so many writers.  Women had written about things I am dealing with myself.  I often find that when I come here.  Women of faith who are moms are the most poignant writers on the planet.

Non-moms and men can be great writers too, I'm not dismissing any one's efforts.  I simply enjoy this little corner of Blogwarts.  Moms who are committed to serving God are honest about their struggles, and quick to encourage others.  The world needs more of these traits.

Gratitude for the writers here kicks off my list of things I'm grateful for recently.  It's been a rough month, but when I examine my life, there are always blessings to be found.

2.  Extra funds that came in this month.  We're replacing a door that's been torn up by a dog that's no longer with us and three grown children that no longer live here. 

3.  That fact that despite almost daily flooding rains here in central Florida, no water has seeped into our sliding glass back door.

4.  TooJays restaurant.  They make an awesome Reuben sandwich.

5.  19 Kids and Counting.  I admire the Dugger family and how they live their lives.  It's encouraging.

6.  That, at the moment, my parents (91 and 94) are stable.

7.  That our teacher-daughter and some of her students are safely back from a two-week field trip to Ireland.

8.   That my daughter brought me back from Ireland some lovely tiger's eye earrings.

9.   Men's L.L Bean Oxford shirts.  Best wrinkle-resistant shirts ever.

10. MSM, the natural supplement that helps with pain and inflammation.  I pray it can keep me off meds for fibromyalgia/RA.

11. The lawyer I spent an hour with last week.  Did you know patterned Christmas paper and patterned fabric are copyrighted?  I didn't either.

12. Flannel sheets.  They're cozy all year round.

What has blessed you this week?


  1. I’m thankful for having found the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I too am thankful for this blog and for YOU, Mare!

    1. I'm thankful for great critique partners and friends who drop everything to make me feel like a priority. I also want to be grateful for Kasey's chocolate chip cookie recipe... :)

    2. I want that recipe too, Kasey. Sounds like a blog post to me....:-)



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