Friday, January 30, 2015

Roboconjuring - The Discovery

Over the past few months, I've pontificated quite a bit about writing-this and author-that.  I've offered advice, suggestions, and ruminated about one literary point or another.  Not this time.  I've finally succeeded at doing what I had envisioned the overall goal of MMW to be: Publish a book.

Ta da!

I will now make a shameless, entrepreneurial promotion of my first, official book publication:

It started as a little contest between me and a friend. Write a book and get it published.  We each wrote a chapter of our individual books each week, traded it for a quick edit, and pushed forward to completion. The next step was to jump the hoops of final editing, cover art, formatting, and e-publishing.  


I chose the e-publishing route because it was a surer and much faster path than the print route.  While I'm perfectly aware of the limitations that publishing in this way will bring, I think I needed this 'feather in my cap' to reassure myself that I can accomplish a worthy goal and that perhaps I've opened the door to a special talent I have yet to fully develop.

The book hit Amazon Kindle on Tuesday.  It's a YA Fiction-Fantasy novella that was really just an exercise in writing.  It's selling for only $2.99.  In the first four hours since it went live, it sold five copies (No, I didn't buy them all myself, in case you were wondering.).

Here's the summary of 'Roboconjuring - The Discovery':

Magic is dead.  Or is it?  Young 'Lucky' Brown has the amazing ability to work magic, although he has no idea how he does it.  But the US Army can do magic too, in the form of sophisticated android soldiers, Flexbots, that can work magic, or at least good science.  But when the Flexbots are unexpectedly knocked out of action, the Army borrows Lucky for a secret mission.  Can this teenage conjurer help keep the Army, and perhaps the country, safe while staying a step ahead of the local bullies that are constantly trying to ruin his life?

Enjoy!  All feedback of any kind is welcome...but only post the good stuff on the Amazon 'customer Reviews'.  See, I told you I was shameless.

My next attempt will be something more adult-oriented, like zombies.



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