Friday, May 8, 2009

Artist Statement

I've been so busy writing for school that I haven't done much of anything else. I even had to write an Artist Statement for my photography class. To see my final project click here. Below is my Artist Statement then I'm going to relate this to writing:

Art is subjective, but I’m learning that when an artist picks a subject that is close to their heart the viewer can feel it. That’s why I picked the concept “Different Personalities and Relationships Make a Family.” To me there is nothing closer to my heart. While taking the pictures I struggled with how to show the way I see each person that could be conveyed easily to my audience. The more pictures I took the more I was able to explore my love for each person while using different angles and props to emphasize their individuality. Shooting my husband and I was difficult. I wondered how I could put into a picture the thousands of words that make up our relationship. The family pictures became a challenge to see how I could visually display our lives together as a whole; how to show the triumphs, the defeats, the love, the joy, the sorrows, and the unity. But I soon realized that with every subject, there was one universal constant that tied them all together, my love. The result became six pictures that are really just windows into my soul that will forever be etched into who I am and who I always want to be.

Our writing can be windows into our souls. Everything we think, learn, and love comes out in our writing. We couldn't stop it from happening if we tried. The key is knowing how we feel about our project and why we are doing it. That is why I'm challenging you all to write a short Artist Statement about your latest project. It can be 3 sentences or a whole paragraph, but these statements are usually quite short. Here's mine for my book:

Dream Swords is an idea that developed from an impression I had in a dream. The thought was of a girl whose dreams are really a battlefield where the balance of good and evil in the real world depended on her. The project has morphed and changed consistantly bringing in new aspects that have brought the world of her dreams into a fully realized concept. This project has touched me in so many ways teaching me about myself, my talents, and my characters. Dream Swords has become my home away from reality where the people have become real and the world dominates my thoughts, it is my hope that this becomes true for the future audience I hope to have someday.

Now it's your turn!! Leave your statement in the comments.
P.S. I had to finally put a real picture of myself up! Though I still like the mummy pic on the side!


  1. Love the picture Nikki! And I'm going to try to do a writing statement. I'll use Pride & Popularity because that's the one I've just finished editing (again) this week:

    Pride & Popularity started off as an idea--a character speaking to me--that I couldn't shake. I couldn't get Taylor out of my head and eventually I didn't want to. I had never considered myself a fiction author, so never believed I could actually complete this story that was talking to me. After six weeks of sleepless nights and countless conversations with fictional beings in my head, I finished my first full novel. I was in tears and so elated, so amazed that the Lord would choose me to rewrite such an amazing classic for teens. I knew I couldn't have done this without His help.

    Since completing the manuscript I have put so much of everything i have to see it published. I believe in this book so much, that I've had to literally learn the publishing process from the bottom up. It has been through so many edits and rewrites, and yet each time it does it only becomes stronger. I know the Lord wants this book out there and I feel that P&P is my statement to the world that you can achieve the impossible with the Lord's help. I had no college degree, I had no previous fiction novel experience, I'd never taken a class or gone to a workshop/conference--yet, I got my agent 5 months after I first started writing P&P one year ago. Pride & Popularity is my testimony at how amazing the Lord is and that modern miracles do happen. Jenni

  2. Love the pic, Nikki. And I love your family photos too on your site. I need to think about this assignment. It's been a long week. :)

  3. Jenni - A little more feeling would have been nice...Just kidding!! I LOVE your artist statement! It really is just an extension of your testimony!

    Kasie - I know life is crazy so don't worry about it, when you get stuck in your writing is the good time to write a statement like this. Thanks for commenting anyway...I was this close to making an anonymous comment to make myself feel better about how many I had!! LOL!

  4. What a great post. I hopped on over to your personal blog and looked at your masterpieces and wanted you to know what a beautiful family you have, but I'm sure you already know that. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and the other "MMW" bloggers better. Thanks for the warm welcome.

  5. This is awesome Nikki! What a cute picture of you.

  6. great post and adorable picture! :D I need to ponder this, I think I will see if I can work on it Monday. Happy (almost) Mommy's Day to everyone!!!



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