Friday, May 1, 2009

I Have a Dream!

No I'm not going to discuss a certain famous speech. Instead I am going to indulge my Mama Mia soundtrack fettish and tell you how ABBA inspires me. When I feel frustrated with my writing (or lack of writing) I love to listen to this song, "I have a dream". It talks about having a dream to cope with reality. If you embrace the fairy tale you can be uplifted even if you fail. Ok, so this is my paraphrasing. Here's a link to the song. Let me know how it touches you.

This next song is one that has gained new meaning for me. Last year when Jenni and I were querying agents she sent me a link to this song saying that it was dedicated to all the agents that sent her rejection letters. Now I can't write a query letter, or read a rejection without thinking of this song!! So let's dedicate it to all the agents out there!!


  1. These are awesome! LOL! And of course, now the second song is devoted to editors reading my books! LOL! Gotta love Abba. Great post, Nikki! Jenni

  2. Love the song, "Take a Chance on Me". I'm an Erasure fan but Abba does it well :)

  3. I loved the music video. I don't know why they used to think it was pretty to make the screen go all fuzzy around the girl. It just makes me feel like I need to fix my contacts.

  4. Ha ha, that's hilarious! It puts a whole new spin on that song!

  5. Jenni-thanks for helping me with the second vid!! Those editors are crazy if they don't take a chance on you!!

    Mary-Love Erasure!! What about Depeche Mode? Are we dating ourselves?

    Jessie-Hahaha! Your poor contacts!

    Kristy-Doesn't it though? I can never hear that song the same way again.

  6. I LOVE Abba!! I listened to them nonstop in college.



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