Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey, Girls! Jenni, jumping in here quick--

I'm hosting Mormon Mommy Writers 2nd FREEBIE!

These are Hand Tatted, 1930's Women's day gloves, from England.

I'm especially excited because of the scalloped detail along the edging and intricate design on the wrist. Both show that these would've been made by a professional seamstress and sometime in the late thirties. I LOVE LOVE LOVE antiques!

So here's the rules. There are three. Are you ready?

1. Go below and comment on Nikki's post so she won't feel left out. (PS I have all comments emailed to me, so I know if you have or haven't.... LOL!)

2. Leave a comment on here and your email address, so I can contact you. (1st entry)

3. Want more chances to win? Follow our blog--or remind me that you already are. --top left corner--(2nd entry) and/or advertise this on your own blog (You can even use my picture! LOL!) send them this way and that counts as an extra entry. Then leave me a comment to let me know you've advertised. FOR EVERY PERSON WHO COMES FROM YOUR BLOG AND MENTIONS YOUR NAME HERE YOU GET AN EXTRA ENTRY (and they get an entry as well!)

The drawing will be in one week!
Good luck!

Jenni James


  1. Oh I want to win those Day gloves that are so pretty and feminine!! I am posting on my blog about this giveaway!! But definitely crossing my fingers to win. he he
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo (

  2. Sooo cool! Makes me wanna see pix of your house. It must be full of antiques :)

  3. I'm not entering either contest because I keep winning and every one will be mad at me, but I just have to say you should go into professional antique book and glove modeling.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Oooo those are nice! Are you trying to downsize before you move? Are we going to get freebies like...Dalen's left shoe??! LOL!!

  6. Ok, check on all three rules!!

  7. OK girls, I've got you posted! Glad you excited about them--they're gorgeous! Jenni

  8. Cool, Jenni! I've got to start thinking of my give away!



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