Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rely on Others - Trust in Yourself

Something I've learned in the last few months is that other writers often know better than I do. I have an awesome group of writers I turn to frequently to get ideas, opinions, feedback and a good kick in the pants. They are incredible and they each have different things they are better at than anyone else I know.

If I want to work on a certain kind of scene - I talk to one. If I want to work on dialogue - it's a different one. Scenery is yet another and so on.

I used to implement every single suggestion any of them gave me. Sometimes they were fabulous, sometimes they contradicted each other, sometimes I just got befuddled.

This has caused me to rethink the way I edit and take feedback. Every suggestion I get, I think about, mull over and decide whether I agree with it. Often I do, occasionally I don't. I go with my own instincts about the edit no matter what.

Here is my Totally Tuesday advice for you. Surround yourself with people who have strengths where you have weaknesses. Help them and let them help you. Don't be afraid to rely on their expertise and assistance.

But at the end of the day, it is more important to trust in yourself. You are the defender, protector, promoter and perfecter of your own story. Don't shirk your responsibilities to your characters. Believe in them and in your own ability to tell their story.

Also, make sure you have toothpicks handy to prop your eyes open for those late night edits. ;)


  1. I'm finally learning that too. I can finally feel when I know something isn't right for story...well sometimes. I'm still learning! Thanks for you post! It's nice to know I'm not alone.

  2. LOLOL! Love this JENN! And it's so true. We all have to take the advice for edits, just that, as advice. Great post and great visual on the toothpicks! LOL! Jenni

  3. So true, except when it's me giving advice then everyone should listen. LOL Just kidding of course. I think we know our characters the best, but at the same time we're so close it's hard to see clearly. So, I will say, I am so grateful for my readers. They're the best.

  4. Nikki - You are definitely NOT alone :)

    Jenni - You should know the toothpick trick better than anyone, you night owl you!

    Kasie - I know that feeling of being too close to see clearly, but then when a reader points out a change to me. I can feel it deep down when it's right. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to feel it--but I do. Hooray for readers! :D

  5. I have this visual of toothpick propped eyelids. LOL! It looks like it would hurt!

    You are so right on in this post!



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