Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Call!

Sometimes we all need a little rejuvenation. I found a perfect post for that. The wonderful Rachelle Gardner posted a few days ago about getting "The Call" from an Agent. She outlined what it was like when an agent calls you to offer representation. It was an exciting post in and of itself... but then the comments started coming in. All kinds of authors described what it was like when they got "The Call." It was so exciting reading all their stories.

So if you are in need of a little boost today, go check it out. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to get my "Call" ;)


  1. My first call was exciting! I missed her call because I was picking up kids and so I had to call her back. I was so worried that I'd say the wrong thing so I called my Dad and asked for some interviewing pointers(he's worked in HR as well as Life Coaching for the past 2 decades),I said a prayer and picked up the phone and dialed. My heart was racing the entire time.
    The second time around was not as much of,"They like me! They really like me." It was more of, "What can you do for me, here is the story." After loosing my first agent I went into it with apprehension. I knew my book is good, I didn't need the affirmation anymore. I needed someone who was creative like me and a problem solver. Now I have my head on straight and it's all business and less emotion.
    So if you have been rejected and are waiting for "The Call", remember that those rejections are good! Crazy as it may sound. They are going to help you get through a lot in the future. Getting an agent is just the beginning! If you made it through the rejection process with an agent and you persevered. That will come in handy for the next round of rejections! The editors, publishers and publishing boards!
    So keep in mind that rejecton will make you stronger and you will learn soooo much from it. It will make your writing better because you will remember what they said and improve your writing as you are writing/re-write.
    "The Call" is exciting and important but what you are going through right now will get you through soooo much more in writing and in life!My motto and favorite saying is "Never give up! Never surrender!" Galaxy Quest.

  2. I had made a vow that if I didn't get an agent by the 5th of August, then I knew it was a sign to go ahead and move to another overseas location. My family is in the US Air Force and Aug. 5th was when the list of overseas assignments were to come out. I figured that if I was meant to head home (since we lived in England) and promote my books then I'd get an agent before that list came out.

    I had 6 agents reading. 2 partials, 4 fulls, when my agent emailed me to set up an appointment. Her email came Aug. 5th. I was floored. She called about 2 hours later and we had an amazing talk. she loved my book so much, she said she felt moved to offer representation even though usually she waited a week after reading a book before offering. It had been less than 24hrs. She said she didn't know why she felt so strongly to ask me that day but she did. I was so stunned. I remember talking to her, but not sure what to do. I knew then that I was going to be heading back to the states, but I wanted to pray and see if she was the one. So I told her I'd get back to her in 24 hours and I'd tell her my decision.

    24 hrs later, I had already emailed the other agents, 2 were dissapointed, but it didn't matter. I had found my agent and I knew it! When I called her back, she just let out this huge sigh of relief and said, "I don't know what I would've done if you had told me no."

    Then I knew I had the most perfect one for me. LOL! Of course, her nice words helped me a lot during the days following when I went through her edits for my MS (FYI: Agent edits HURT!!!) but it's so much stronger now, so it was worth it.

    Jenni James

  3. I know what it's like to get the call, but in a totally different setting... I'm going to post the intro to a nonfiction book I started writing a few years ago tomorrow about "the call." The MS actually stars off with: I need a red phone!

  4. Oh, by the way, I'm posting it because you gave me the idea, not because I was going to before, so thanks, Jenn!

  5. I really do love hearing "The Call" stories. They are so fun and exciting. :) It's encouraging to know that people out there actually do get agents. lol



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