Saturday, May 23, 2009

Really long Comment to the post below!

Ok, so my comment is too long to put in the comment box! So here it is in a post!

Schizophrenia is the least of our problems as writers. If we’re actually hearing the voices in our head to put down on paper, that’s a good thing. Our biggest problem is our split personality disorder. It’s really as simple as right brain and left brain, but I like to call them my creative side and my logical side. My creative side is the little girl that wants to spin around in the rain, arms outstretched, head tilted back, and tongue sticking out to catch raindrops. My logical side is the mom that says, “Come in out of the rain, you’ll catch a cold!” or “Quit that spinning you’re going to puke or fall down and hurt yourself!” Creative side is really sensitive and before you know it she is in the house hiding in a corner afraid to come out for fear she’ll be yelled at. For me, a lot of my blog posts are written by logical side. They are usually logical in nature and well thought out and overly edited. Books are harder to write with the logical side only, you need creative side.

But here’s the biggest problem, creative side doesn’t like to work. When logical side says it’s time for creative side to write, the excuses start to flow. Creative side becomes a diva – “I can’t possibly work in these conditions!” Everything becomes an excuse. “the kids need me, the kids are too noisy, the house needs to be cleaner, my desk isn’t organized, my desk is too organized.” It takes a lot of work to coax creative side out into the open, but it can be done. And once you’ve tapped into that side, writing becomes magical. Everything around you is vibrant and beautiful, the world is colorful again.

But this is the problem I have when my creative side is out. I become a flake. Schedules go out the window, appointments are forgotten, grown up responsibilities are pushed to the side. So my hang up right now is fear of letting creative side out. I know I need to overcome that, only by letting it out will I be able to train both sides to work together in a fashion where I could function on a daily basis. So in reference to Valerie’s guest post the other day, I think our baby is our creative side. Our logical side would love to keep it contained in a crib all day long and forget about it. But we can’t neglect it, but neither can we let it roam free without any boundaries. We have to nurture it, while teaching it and training it. Together creative side and logical side have the potential to rock our world! Until then, we just have to begin the tedious task of working them both out, and teaching them to play nice!!

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