Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Wishing

Jackson Pearce is a YA author whose first book "As You Wish" will be released this fall. I came across a few videos she had
posted on YouTube and really enjoyed this one.

So my writer's workshop challenge for you today is to write an "I'm wishing" song for one of your characters. It can be a character whose intentions you're struggling to discover or one whose intentions you know clearly. If you feel so inclined post your song in the comments section.


  1. I can't see the link, but I can't wait for this book!

  2. Kasie, the link didn't show up. I think I remember seeing it once upon a time, but tried to find it on youtube and couldn't. If I remember correctly it's the one about the disney princesses all having wishing songs. So all day I've been humming the Snow White song. Eventually I think I will have a wishing song for my MC, but it will probably be Snow White style!!

  3. LOL! GENIUS! You're genius for posting this Kasie (especially as you're on your way to disneyland! Have fun!) And Jackson Pearce is SUCH a genius for doing this video! And she's so right. I've never thought about it before but there really is an I'm wishing song in every disney movie.. LOL! And now my books! Thanks. Great post. Jenni.

    PS I fixed the video so no worries Kasie!

  4. Never mind, the link is up now!! LOL! BTW! I think we should celebrate our 30th follower! How awesome are we?? LOLOLOL!

    Oh and one more thing I wanted to add about the disney wishing songs, did you notice how when the princesses got what they asked for they either didn't believe it, didn't know what to with it, it didn't measure up to their hopes, or they ran away from it completely (ie: snow white and the prince showing up during her song!!) That's what makes the story interesting, not just the wishing part. But we do need to know what our characters want in order to foil it!! LOL!

  5. Cool... very very cool... I must think about this. :D

  6. This is a great idea! I'm going to try this today. Good point, too, about them not being ready for it. These are some good things to think about.

  7. This really makes me think about Jade. What does she want. Does not wanting something count?



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