Sunday, April 26, 2009


On my blog this week I posted about Susan Boyle. Britain's singing phenomenon. But there's another act that will be competing with her this year, that I find extremely interesting. In a way, even though I've never met most of you (Waves to Nikki & Kasie) I feel we are like this group. We have one goal--and we're sticking together to achieve it.

Three things stuck out to me as I watched this amazing video.

1. The hours this group said they worked in perfecting their craft (even on Valentine's day LOL!) Haven't we all worked on our books even on days off and holidays?

2. The saying they tell Simon at the beginning when he asks them, "What's the ambition here?" and they reply, "Chase the dream, not the competition."

3. Simon's speech at the end, when he compliments them.

Flawless - Dance Act - Britains Got Talent 2009 - Click here for more free videos

I found this so inspiring.

May we remember to chase the dream not the competition. Let's not focus on every other author out there, let's focus on us. Let's chase the dream--and try to be the best we can be. Flawless.


  1. Wow thanks for sharing, your right that is inspiring!

  2. I love that! Chase the dream, not the competition! Those are words to live by.

  3. Amy--Welcome! And thanks.

    Candi--I love that saying! It's my new favorite!

  4. I like that saying too, 'Chase the dream, not the competition.' Sometimes I get so caught up in what else is out there. I just need to put my blinders on, and work hard. I loved Simon's speech at the end. And the fact that it took those guys 4 years to perfect themselves is a great example. They just kept practicing and working at it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So love this, Jenni!! I'm really wish I could watch Britain's Got Talent. Is there somewhere on the internet where I can watch all the episodes?

  6. Kasie--isn't it a great saying? I love it!

    Tess--LOL! I love it too!

    Nikki--LOL! I don't know. I'm just finding this all on youtube and then searching for videos I can post. I don't watch TV remember... of course, now I'm wishing I did!

  7. Awesome, Jenni! Of course, watching it with fighting kids in the background is always a joy... not! LOL.
    I truly love that answer "Chase the dream." Words to live by.

  8. I've visited this blog before and now I think I'm brave enough to say I'm definitely "in"...

    I have a post-it note on my mirror that reads, "Live the dream. Write the book." I read it every day. And I write (at least something!) every single day.

    I have about 15 chapters of my book (YA fantasy fiction genre) written but tons still left to do. I already feel at home here and (most importantly) so inspired.

    Glad to meet you all!

  9. Hi Terresa! I'm so glad you're "in" :) I just checked out your awesome blog. Good luck with your book.

  10. Shanti--LOL! Thanks. And hello? Don't you know that fighting boys in the background just adds to the dramatic tension? LOL!

    Terresa--YAY! I'm so glad you decided to comment. We have a lot of readers on this blog, but it's so awesome when we get to meet you! It's the whole reason why we're here to help other writers. If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to ask! And WOW! 15 chapters is Awesome! You are on the write track, writing everyday is the best thing you can do! Good luck!

    Candi--You're so great. Thanks for jumping in there and saying howdy to terresa, I was sleeping! LOL!



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