Monday, April 27, 2009

Necklace FREEBIE Winner!

If you are the winner email me with your mailing address at anoriginalbymary(at)pabell(dot)net or I will be emailing the winner shortly :)


  1. Congrats, Jessie. Was it you who was saying before that you never won anything? I think you can officially take that claim off your resume.

  2. I totally love the video!!!! what a great way to learn that you won!!!

  3. I watched the video and thought "Yea for Jessica." Then I realized it might be me because my email address is Jessica. Okay, yes it's me. Actually, Kasie, I think that was Renee. I won Jenni's contest. Now I won Mary's contest. I better stop entering. My good's just not fair to others.



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