Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sorry to Butt In!

I 'm sorry to take Candice's spot. Candice, just add you post as usual! I just had a really important question to ask you all and I needed your feedback. The author of The Daring Book For Girls is willing to do an interview and I would like to know what questions you would like me to ask her! She has just released another book, a sequel to The Daring Book for Girls called The Double Daring Book for Girls! I am really excited to get this chance to interview a published author and I would love to know what kind of questions I should ask her! Leave a question(s) in the comment section! Thanks soooo much and I am Super Sorry for the intrusion Candice!


  1. As you can see, you're not intruding on anything because I haven't done my post yet. :) My sister actually used a tip from her book to write a secret message to a guy with milk, and my sister is thirty! So I would just ask her how it makes her feel to know that people enjoy her books and actually use the information in them. Or maybe it would be more interesting to ask her if she hears a lot of stories about people doing things in from her books and what some of the craziest are.

  2. Of course you have to ask her about her publishing path. did she ever want to give up? what was it like when she got the call? what inspired her? Does she see any more books in the future? How does she balance writing, promoting and family? Any secrets? Anyway you don't have to use all of my questions... but there's a few for you! Stuff I'm dying to know! Jenni

  3. Candice, thanks sooo much for letting me sneek in today. I'm totally asking her that!

    Jenni, I'm asking her any and every question we can think of..this is a moment not to pass up! Keep 'em comin' if you have more!

  4. Ask her what her favorite item was in her book and why? Where did she get her ideas?

    That's all I got so far! Thanks for asking us, Mary. That is really nice of her to agree to an interview. I can't wait to hear it! Thanks!



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