Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am a true believer of "everything happens for a reason." The longer you know me, the more you may become annoyed with my ever present reminder that everything happens for a reason.
This morning I came on to post a great post that had been brewing around in my mind... and when blogspot wasn't working for me (which I have learned to become patient with) I promptly closed out the window and thought, well maybe I'm meant to post my blog later...

Now, after the first session (or third) of conference this sunday... I am beyond overwhelmed by the heart wrenching, tearful, and emotional story that President Monson relayed to us of the German mother and her four children who were kicked out of their home of Prussia to return to her native Germany in the aftermath of WWII. I am haunted again and again of the torment that faithful latter-day saint had to face as she walked the 1,000 miles with her children. I think of all the prejudice she must've faced as a German national (the enemy) and how she would've never been given the comfort and help she needed. She had nothing. Her oldest child was seven. If i did the math, I cannot imagine the woman could've been older than her late 20's as she buried each of those small children and her infant along the trek home.

We are part of this heritage. We are latter-day saints. We are all called upon to show great courage and face great trials in our lives that seem to exceed that of our friends and family at times... but we can endure. We can prosper. Our faith can be renewed and revitalized and uplifted. We may not have to walk across freezing landscape, but we do have to face countless attacks on our self-esteem and countless trials to our goals.

The Lord is not asking us to bury our children, but to bury our fears and our doubts and to succeed. When I think of all the horrific things previous latter-day saints had to overcome to prove their worth to the Lord, I am reminded that my time is at hand. i too am a young mother with multiple children. the Lord will try me. But, I will not lose my faith, or doubt my goals. I will stand strong and plow forward. I will continue and do what He has asked me to do, because I know that I have been called to change the world one book at a time. And I will do it.

May we all stand firm in our resolve to battle satan and present the children and teens and adults of today with an alternative to the ever popular literature that is on the shelves now. Each of us have been called to write--and we were called because the Lord knew we could handle it. He knew that we would stand firm and succeed where others would fail.

Personally, I am so grateful that everything happens for a reason, and that I am/and can see past what is in front of me to the goals that i will obtain.


  1. I was also touched by that story. It really puts my challenges in perspective and makes me so grateful for every blessing I have. I reached over and gave my son a big hug after that talk.

  2. Yes, lots of tears. I agree, Candice, it really put my own trials into perspective. And Jenni, I am of the 'everything-happens-for-a-reason' persuasion as well. Sometimes I wish I knew 'the reason' right away, but the Lord tells me to wait.

  3. Oh, that story broke my heart. As we were listening, my daughter, eyes wide, asked me what was wrong. I, like Candice, brought her into my arms and told her I loved her.

    Great post, Jenni. We don't always have to face major trials like war and poverty(thank goodness,) and we should really try and keep that in perspective.

  4. Yes, that story broke my heart as well. I just kept looking at my husband and saying, "that poor, poor woman." What an example she is for me and my silly trials. I can't even begin to imagine how she faced that. And to think that her faith remained unwavering. I have no reason to complain about anything in my life.

  5. Candi--I know! Just by that one story all of my kids annoyances and chattering was forgotten. I LOVE Thomas S Monson!

    Jessie! LOL! We all wish we new the reason right away! LOL! And it's glad to meet another perpetual optimist. Have you got the book yet?

    Renee--Yeah, my heart was broken! And then I realized she was probably only 25-27... then i really bawled. Sheez. My kids are used to me, they were all listening with such attention it was wonderful.

    Kasie--She is an incredible example. I think when she hit her knees and prayed to her heavenly father that he reminded her--as he does all of us--that He was with her and that all is well.

  6. My sisters family and my parents were over watching conference and when that story was told we were all in tears! Conference in general was an inspitation and faith builder. It helped me recommit myself to the gospel! Thomas S. Monson is inspiration itself and we are blessed to have him as out prophet. I have been waiting for him to be a prophet ever since I was a little girl. He has always had a special place in my heart!

  7. I know, isn't our prophet such a great writer. Did you listen to some of those descriptions he gave for the story about the Tongan man. The way he talked about the moon, and the man's brown tear streaked face. We could learn some writing lessons from this man...among other things! LOL!

  8. No book yet, Jenni, but I think the British looked at your book and said, "Kansas? Who really sends mail to Kansas? Does anyone really live there?" Then they laughed and tossed it into the pile with letters to Santa Clause.



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