Friday, April 10, 2009

Wanted: Guest Bloggers

Hello to all you MMW readers and lurkers! Nows your chance to be included on the blog. We would love to feature guest bloggers every now and then. Please email either or with a short bio of yourself. Include your name, genre of writing, what you have written, any publising credits, and how you found MMW. Then you can send as many posts as you would like. It could be your favorite writing exercise, an interview of an author, agent, publisher, etc. You could also start a discussion, or a round robin story. Whatever floats your boat. Please attach a picture of yourself if possible and of course a link to your blog or website if you have one. We want this blog to be interactive, so here's your chance! Email, email, email! I expect my box to full! Thanks! ADMINISTRATORS: This means you will be able to find our guest posts in the draft section of the blog and can use one on your days if you get busy, etc.


  1. Good idea. Because then when people completely forget (like someone did yesterday, I'm not going to name any names, but it was a completely forgetful person who was busy driving to Las Vegas to visit her sister) we'll have a great backup. I'm excited to get to know more of you. It will be way better than my boring posts. :)

  2. My inbox is still empty!! Get to work you guys! I know you're out there!

  3. Of course you know I love the idea..! I hope everyone is having an awesome Easter Holiday! Jenni



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