Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy, busy, busy bee

This weekend we laid a new wood flooring in our kitchen and dining room. It was strenuous and took a long time, but the floor is now done. I need to put up new baseboards and paint them and everything, but still... the floor is finished. :)

/side topic

Last night, I went to a movie with a girlfriend and we got to talking after the movie about how busy life is and how easy it can be as the mom to take care of everyone else all the time and let yourself fall by the wayside. She is really struggling right now and it was hard to see. Even harder was the knowledge that I have so been there.

It just really struck home how some of the strongest women can get lost when their demands are too high and they don't have enough to give for everyone else, let alone themselves. We are human, we have faults, we can't be perfect.

Writing is what saves me from the insanity of losing myself. I don't function well without it, but few moms are given the time for themselves. We have to make it, demand it even. It may be one of the few selfish things we must do, but it is better for everyone if mommy doesn't end up in a straight jacket.

What saves you?


  1. Beautiful floor!

    I think I'm the opposite. My family saves me from taking my writerly self too seriously! And our experiences give me wonderful material for my writing.

    Of course, I've been there when the little kids have made me feel invisible as a person of my own right and then writing becomes my salvation.

  2. So for me, writing is one of those things I don't get to, because I have so many excuses. The less writing I do, the worse I feel about myself. The worse I feel about myself the less writing I do. It's a vicious cycle. But the thing that saves me it when I take the time to read. Reading absolutely saves me. It gives me an escape and it inspires me to write, which makes me feel good about myself.

  3. YES! I feel the EXACT same way! I love to write! It makes me feel like I'm developing talents and growing still... not stuck at home feeling like I haven't accomplished anything. the floor is GORGEOUS by the way! Jenni

  4. So you guys put in your own wood floor? Wow. I agree. Mommies need time for themselves. It's an absolute. One day last week I was ready for me-time, so when my husband came home I ran off to the library for an hour to write. And then I came home a saner mom...and wife. Good post.

  5. I totally understand how GOOD it feels to have the flooring done! We have put wood floors in our last 2 homes and it feels sooooooo good to get it done! Time to brake out the nail gun and putty for those base boards :) I found it a lot easier to pre-paint the base boards first (less mess and easy finish).
    I consider taking a bath or shower alone..Me time! Pretty pathetic but with a small house full of kids, it's a big deal for me! That's what really matters..right :)

  6. That's a beautiful wooden floor, Jenn! Very nice job!
    I can't say just one thing saves me from insanity :) reading, writing, hot bubble baths.. ALL of those in any combination allow me to free my mind from the everyday stresses of being mother, teacher, wife, taxi... etc., etc.

  7. I want wood floors! I thought I would like tile, but tile has grout! So now I'm regretting my decision. I love your floors. You guys must have worked hard.

    I feel like writing keeps me in touch with my intellectual and creative sides. It regenerates me (when done in moderation).



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