Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just the two of me

Consider this an exercise: How many times can I say 'so' and 'like' in three minutes?

Another appropriate title might be, 'How to Look and Sound Like a Ditz Without Actually Being One.'



  1. hi CANDI!!! Eeeh! You are so awesome! I loved this! And I can't wait to show you mine two sides! Heheheh! What a great idea! Ps you're so gorgeous it's like totally disgusting--but a good disgusting! LOL!

  2. Love the video! I wanna see more people doing this! It's sooo much fun and refreshing! It's cool to hear how you sound and your random thoughts. We all have 2 sides wether we like it or not! We have a public face and a close friends and family face. This video makes me want to go see you all in Utah! Then you can see how big and fat I get when I'm pregnant! Yep! #6 is comin' and I'm pretty sure this one is gonna stay. I feel sick and tired all of the time!

  3. I think I like both of you. Except that I disagree with the whole hating cantelope thing. And you live in California-cantelope probably grows in your backyard. The video was hilarious. Do you drive through Kansas City when you move to Ohio?

  4. Jenni- I can't wait to see your video. I really want everyone to do one. Because, seriously, it couldn't be dorkier than mine! But we're friends, so who cares if we look a little dorky!

    Mary- Yes, do come! We want to see you pregnant! And congratulations.

    Jessie- Cantaloupe... Bleck!! Hey, I just might pass through Kansas City! We could meet! That would be so awesome and something I could look forward to during the long, long drive!! I will definitely let you know!

  5. LOL Candi, you're adorable, even if you are secretly Wolverine's twin sister. ;) What an awesome idea! Maybe I need to go buy a webcam that works. My kids got ahold of my old one and it is now only held together by two bobby pins. Not so useful. :D Can I get to know all of you? :D That sounds fun to me!

  6. I loved this!!! It's so great that you are hilarious, and you weren't even trying to be. :) And, I love your voice. It's really pretty!

    P.S. More similarities, I hate cantaloupe too!! Seriously . . . this is getting spooky. ;D

  7. First of all...CONGRATULATIONS MARY!! That's wonderful news! I'm really happy for you and your family.

    Candi-great video. I have no idea how to make one, so I can't commit to anything. But I love watching the rest of you make fools of yourselve...I mean getting to know you. I'm just kidding really. I think it really does show another dimension getting to see and hear the person you are talking too. It's better than dreaming about their talking blog picture heads. (Sorry, Kasie, had to throw that in!)

  8. Jenn- Oh no! I can't be Wolverine's twin because that would make my secret crush on him really disturbing. Also, I'm glad to find there's more uses for bobby pins than just the traditional ones, like getting CDs out of the computer when the power's off and opening locked bathroom doors.

    Renee- If by spooky you mean totally AWESOME, then I agree. This is getting spooky. But if we're twins than you're not allowed to have a secret crush on Wolverine either (reference Jenn's comments for an explanation). And I know you do, so stop it! He's your brother now!

    Nikki- Yes... fools indeed. I've been one so long I finally decided to come out of the closet. You guys would have found out what a dork I am eventually anyway, and this way it's not such a surprise when you come to the retreat this summer. I'm hoping to avoid the awkwardness. It's like a bandaid--just rip it off!

    Since you can't make a video you should just give us a fun little bio, and post a couple pictures or something. I'm just excited to learn whatever I can about y'all!

  9. *sobs* But, I don't want Wolverine to be my brother. Say it isn't so!

  10. People who don't know you very well, think you're my sister, people who do know you well, know we're joined at the hip. And I demand more Candi videos because there is so much more to learn about Candi and she is so fun. (plus it will give me something to pine over when you move away. I'll watch your videos and cry.)

  11. Kasie- What does it matter if I move if you keep running off to Vegas? Come back already!



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