Monday, April 6, 2009

I Have a Writing Assignment for You!!!

Today I decided that I have a writing assignment for you :) As you may have seen, I have started a new blog, called, where I feature crafters of any genre to share their talent! Well ...I am extending this writing/craft assignment to you!

All I need is a photo of yourself (or family photo), a little bio on yourself (mention any sights or blogs you have), a craft you have done (this can be how to paint/cook/bake/decorate/write a short story with your child/ fun family activities/how to start a blog/cool tricks on how to update or sweeten your blog or site/how to sew something/or anything else you can think of). Everyone is crafty and creative! We may not see it but we all are creative! Hey! Look at who our Heavenly Father is creativity itself :) !

So... you can make it funny, simply instructional, or whatever you feel up to. Check out my blog to get a feel for how you want to write it or just jump in and make it your own style. I love pix so if you could include a picture of the process or just the finished product, that would be awesome!

Everyone who sends me this writing assignment will get a free pair of earring shipped to them (just let me know what color!). Contact me at anoriginalbymaryatpacbelldotnet (just replace the dot and at with . and @) with your assignment and have fun :) All you Looky Lu's are invited to join in the fun as well!!!

There is a FREEBIE going on there too so make sure to leave a comment and follow to enter in the FREEBIE GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. Ooh! Sounds fun - count me in. (might take a day or two though, is there a deadline?)

  2. Let's make the deadline Wed. midnight (no matter where you are)! Can't wait to see what you create :)



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