Friday, January 7, 2011

The Growing List

This holiday season I approached my to do list with amazing vigor.   I wanted to get everything done so that the new year could focus on my WIP that has been gathering a little too much dust.  I hemmed my drapes, I hung pictures, I cleared the boxes out of the guest room, installed the area rug and new chandelier in the dining room, and I painted the bathroom, man cave, and dining room.  I even decorated for Christmas.  The outlook for the new year was looking great.

Two days after Christmas I realize when hanging my plate rack I drilled into a drain pipe.  My beautiful antique leather walls went from looking like this:
 To looking like this.
So it was back to the home improvement store.  Patching pipes and walls, and repainting.... Then the same day the washing machine died, then a week later it was my printer.  My to do list was regrowing at a quick rate.  But it was a great reminder, that we can't find extra time for our writing.  It will never happen.

      Tomorrow never comes do your someday tasks today!


  1. Great post! I never have time to write. I just have to make the time. And, yes, someday is a word that usually means never.

  2. oh man! seems like when we try to get ahead, we just get behind. But yes! I just need to make time for things!

  3. So true!! I always say I'll do it tomorrow. Funny thing about never comes!!



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