Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Smell of Success

Earlier this week I wrote this on the MMW Yahoo group:

Hi all! I really enjoyed reading everyone's New Year's Resolutions. The one thing I want us to recognize this year is that when we try to achieve our goals using an iron fist, our subconscious often rebels. And let's face it, as writer's we NEED our subconscious. Our subconscious isn't verbal. It gets information from our senses and interprets that data. So I want you to all to think about your goals for the new year. Now I want you to create an image in your head of already having accomplished those goals. How do you feel inside? How do you look? Do you stand taller? Is your chin held high? What do you hear? How do the people around you act now? Are they happy for you? What does your accomplishment taste like? Does it taste good? How does it smell? Find a candle or oils in that scent and use it around your house. Sending all the sensory information to our subconscious helps it to know what we want and then it is programmed to help us. You will probably need to recreate this image in your head often. Let's also remember to just breathe! Don't get mad at yourself if you aren't achieving your goals as quickly as you would like. Recognize that the Lord is going to help you achieve your goals on His time, not yours. Be willing to wait for His blessings. They will be worth it!
I have to be honest, I had visualized my success but I hadn't really thought about the taste or the scent.  When I went to Walmart with my hubby I left him in the sporting goods section and decided to look at the candles.  I wanted to know what scent I could give my goals.  First I had to think of my goals, to successfully pitch and finish my LDS non-fiction book.  Well that's the only one I really thought of.  I have others but as far a visualizing them and all that, I'm only focusing on one at a time.  Then I began to sniff every scent imaginable.  My favorite smell is cinnamon, but surprisingly I found that my goal didn't smell like that.  It was down to two scents, Fresh Cotton, and Juicy Apple.  I realized the Juicy Apple reminded me of a time as a young girl when I took a step in caring for my body by saving money and purchasing my very own shampoo and conditioner, Salon Selectives.  (The commercials guaranteed the best looking hair ever!)  It smelled like apples and I was convinced I looked fabulous because I used it.  I don't know if it was true or not.  It doesn't really matter, because as long as I thought it was true, then it was.  Why this long story?  Well my book is about finding balance between our bodies and our spirits and knowing that we can and should care for our bodies as much as we care for our spirits.  I had completely forgotten that memory until I smelled that candle and suddenly I knew what my goal smelled like.  So I trudged up to my husband carrying my new candle and he wanted to know what it was.  "It's the smell of success!"  I announced proudly.  He looked at me incredulously, "Really that's what it's called?"  I just smiled.
What does your success smell like?

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