Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Demented?...Or a Writer?

Have any of you watched the TV show on ABC called, "Castle"?  The opening credits always start with the main character saying, "There are two kinds of people that think of ways to kill people, serial killers and mystery writers."  It's true that writers are a different breed.  So this leaves me often looking at my children and wondering if any of them have my propensity for writing.
Recently my 11 yr old daughter told me that at school they had to write a story as if they had expereinced the Haiti Earthquake.  Then she told me that everyone thought her story was the most depressing.  So I asked her what the story was about.  Our conversation went a little like this:
J:  Well it was about a girl who was walking home when the earthquake hit.  She was ok, but when she got to her house it was just a pile of rubble.
Me:  That is sad.
J:  I'm not done yet.  The only thing moving under the rubble was her puppy that was dying.
Me:  Awww.
J:  There's more.  So then she stood in front of the rubble waiting for her parents and sister to come out, but they didn't.  She stood in front of a tree and was hoping it would fall on her.
Me:  That's awful.
J: (evil smile on her face) Oh that's not all.  So then her best friend comes and pulls her away from the tree and together they dig in the rubble and find her parents and four year old sister, and they're all dead.
Me:  That is a very depressing story.
J:  Wait, I haven't told you the end yet.  Then the tree falls on her best friend!
Me:  Is that the end?
J: (pleased smile on her face) yep!
Me:  I see why your class said it was the most depressing story.
J:  What?  At least it's realistic!

So I am left hoping that she is a writer.  Or maybe just being the child of a writer gives her the right to a bit of demented thinking!!


  1. I hope she got a good grade. That honestly sounds like a pretty realistic story (aside from the tree... I'm not sure how that part works), and it could actually be made into a pretty touching book (although I'd stick some happiness in someplace... ) vbv

  2. sorry bout the vbv at the end there... my daughter got the keyboard

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Castle!!!!
    It's true, though. I'm pre-writing a mystery and asked my roommates the best way to kill my victim. They all looked at me really weird...



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