Friday, January 14, 2011

What is it about triangles anyway?

I read my fair share of young adult fiction.  My current  project is a young adult fantasy.  I know I'm not the only one out there who has noticed the trend for love triangles in Young Adult fiction.  How did this plot line become so trendy?  Is this the only way for authors to create tension in a love story? Is the whole idea just way overdone to make it in today's market?

I actually quite enjoyed a post by some fellow Mormon writers over at Midnight Meditations discussing this topic.

So what are your thoughts on the love triangle?  
Take it or leave it?


  1. Hate them! They drive me crazy! Especially when they spend the whole first book picking "the one" and then the love triangle happens AGAIN in the second and third books!

  2. I read Renee's blog too. I really did enjoy the debate over love triangles. It was interesting and I like the points made. Personally, I agree that if it's done right, there is nothing wrong with a good triangle. But I think some people think a love triangle is required and it feels like work. If it feels like you are just following a formula because it worked for someone else...don't do it. Go with your gut. If inspiration strikes to write a triangle, ask yourself what it adds to the story. If it's important, keep it in!

  3. I'm afraid they are too predictable. Also, you run the risk of alienating some of your readers when the triangle is finally broken.

    I never did get the whole Bella and Jacob thing--to me it was painfully obvious that she would end up with Edward.

    In reading the "Wings" series I find myself uncertain who Laurel will choose (I'm rooting for the fairy guy--Tamani). And, I will admit if Ms. Pike chooses to have Laurel end up with the other guy I'm going to be mad!



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