Monday, December 19, 2011

All About ME!

My cute little family last Easter. FYI, the littlest is actually one of happiest kids you'll ever meet- I don't know what she was so worried about in this photo. Do you like the angel on my shoulder? Ha!

Hello, MMW readers! I am so thrilled to be joining the team here. Any time I get an opportunity to write, I am one happy gal!

As you might notice, I have a marked propensity toward exclamation points! When my son first started writing complete sentences in first grade, his teacher noticed the same thing. She mentioned it to me and then said, “Well, knowing his personality I guess it kind of fits.” Yeah, he comes by it honestly. We’re an easily excited bunch around here. ;-)

So here’s my Top Ten Things to Know About Kasey

1. I am a Virginia girl! I live in Richmond, Virginia. I love being less than 3 hours from the beach, the mountains, and our nation’s capital.

2. I have a great husband who works crazy hours installing home security systems. I never know when he’s going to be home, but it’s worth it because I can be a stay-at-home mom to my 3 awesome kids.

3. Number 4 is on the way! I’m due in July. Praying I have no reason to wear a swimsuit next summer.

4. I’m a “runner”. Which means I jog verrrry slowly and do crazy things like 10ks every once in awhile. Mostly it’s to make up for the way that I eat. I ride horses (when I’m not preggo), play the flute and sing. I am also into crafts and I have an etsy shop.

5. I have 3 personal blogs that I created mostly to have opportunities to write. The one I keep up with most consistently is The Beautiful Thrifty Life (tips for frugal homemaking). The other two are The Silly Mom (parenting tips & tricks) and Making It Up As I Go (anything that doesn’t fit in the other two categories: rants, tangents, etc.).

6. I started writing when I was a kid, convinced I’d write the next bestseller before I hit the sixth grade. I got as far as several journals half full of text that sounded like they could almost be very badly written books.

7. College completely messed up my writing skills. After college everything I wrote sounded like a research paper (I got my BA in Historic Preservation).

8. A couple of years ago my good friend from high school, Amber Lynae, mentioned this blog to me on facebook and MMW suddenly rekindled that dream I had of writing the next bestseller.

9. At the end of October I submitted my FIRST manuscript to Deseret Book. It is a collection of fun poems for LDS kids entitled, “The Grocery Store Under My Bed.” Still waiting………………………. *sigh*

10. My goal for contributing to this blog is to have FUN and get us talking. 300 followers? Where are all the comments, people?

So now it’s your turn. Yes, you. I know you’re just a silent lurker, but I don’t care. You’re a writer, aren’t you? If you’re a writer, then write me a nice comment! Tell me the first thing you ever wrote that made you proud. The first thing that made you think, “Hey…I just might be a writer!” Go on! Tell me! I’ve spilled my guts here, it’s your turn! I’ll even make you a deal- if I get at least 10 comments on this post then I’ll tell you about the first thing I ever wrote that made me proud. (If not I will assume that nobody cares about the first thing I wrote that made me proud and write some other post for next week.) Deal? Awesome, see y’all next Monday!


  1. The first thing I wrote that made me proud was my very first draft (the first quarter of the story) of Haedric's Forest. This story is on the back burner right now but it is one I am super proud of and one I know will be in print some day in the future.

  2. The first thing I wrote that made me proud? A Christmas story in first grade or kindergarten that was based on the one time Santa came to our Christmas Eve party. It featured a character that was loosely based on my older sister.

    Okay, it was my older sister, nothing "based on" about it. But the teacher stapled it into a book with a card stock cover and I got to draw the pictures.

    By-the-way, its great to learn about you, Kasey.

  3. Great to meet you Kasey!
    I wrote a poem in high school that received honorable mention. It was probably way too much encouragement! Congrats on the submission and fingers crossed for you.

  4. I thought I left a comment yesterday. I guess it didn't post. The first thing I wrote that made me proud was in third grade. I wrote a story called, "The Day it Rained Jello". My teacher helped me make it into a book complete with pictures and cardboard cover. It was awesome! That was my first experience with publishing...and I loved it!


  5. I wrote poetry when I was in junior high and high school, and while there are a couple of pieces I was proud of at the time, looking back I am most proud of the journals I kept during that time. I have many volumes filled with my thoughts, hopes, and silly crushes. There are times when I was really motivated and working hard or when I had a particularly burning testimony that I recorded, and I look back and take inspiration from those words.



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