Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Bookstore and Goodbye

I stopped by my local bookstore today to find a book on my daughter's Christmas list. And because I'm a Mom, I was multi-tasking. I had called our insurance to appeal a medication refill policy and after several transfers had finally reached a person who could DO something about it. I was not about to hang up. Not even for a stroll through the bookstore. "This will save me money." I told myself. (I can pick up stray books the way my sister used to bring home stray cats.) Call it a miracle, me checking out with only ONE book! I even avoided the entire section of Christmas books. That may not sound difficult, but the book I have written and pitched and am in the process of preparing for submission is a Christmas novel. I could spend an entire day at the Christmas book table. Maybe there's a name for the set of emotions that follow staring at books similar to the one you've written, the main difference being, of course, the books you're looking at are published and being sold. Melancholy comes to mind. I didn't want to bring that on today. Thankfully, with one hand holding the phone and the other holding the one book, I proceeded directly to check-out.  I'm not a fan, though, of remaining on my cell phone while interacting with other humans. As I approached the cashier, I made the risky  move of putting my phone on speaker and then mute. (Risky because I didn't want to hit that 'end call' button.) I set the phone down and explained I didn't want to be rude, but really had to stay on the phone.
The cashier smiled and said, "Oh it sounds like you're on hold."
With the hold music as my soundtrack I answered,
"Yes, in more ways than one."
I walked out of the store thinking about my writing. My novel is waiting. For me.
Goodbyes are not my thing.
Writing is, and that's what makes this even harder.
I love the ladies at MMW and plan to visit the blog often,
as for contributing, I'm taking a break (that's code for crying into my pillow)

I hesitated to tell that little story and give the impression that leaving MMW was a decision I came by on a whim a few hours ago. It's not. I've had several major family & health changes in the recent weeks that require me to rearrange my priorities and time.

Thank-you to the awesome followers, readers and great comments.
Thank-you to the MMW ladies.


  1. Thank you so much for being a part of the blog, Tamara. We truly will miss you.

  2. I'll sure miss you. But I'm sure we'll cross paths many times in the future whether online or at one of the great writing conferences out there.

    Good luck with your writing and I hope you find some peace this holiday season.

    I love you loads!

  3. Thanks MMW & LisaAnn! I hope we get to run into each other at conference & even book signings - yours or mine!!



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