Thursday, December 15, 2011

Introducing Our Newest MMW!

If you look to the sidebar, you will see that our Monday slot has been filled. (That doesn't mean you can stop applying, though. We need to fill another spot soon!) Our new blogger is none other than Kasey Tross! She was the winner of our "Totally Cliche" short story contest and has the first story, "Alice in Clicheland", in our new e-book! Here's a sneak peak of the wonderful things we can expect to see from our newest addition. Be sure to give her a nice warm welcome!

Guest Post: A Mormon Mommy Writer’s Conversations With God by Kasey Tross

Two months ago I finally completed a writing project I’d been working on for over a year: a collection of LDS children’s poetry. It was a long, fun, occasionally maddening project that taught me a lot about my relationship with God as a writer (did you know he’s an awesome editor?). Today I thought I’d share some of our conversations with you. Perhaps you have had similar experiences with the Divine Editor Upstairs.

(author’s note: I am not crazy. I do not hear voices in my head and I do not profess to hear the voice of God. These conversations and the words used in them are based solely on my interpretation of impressions I have had during my writing sessions.)

Me: I don’t even know if this project is worth it. My goal was fifty poems and I feel like I’ve just barely squeezed out the twenty-eight I have. God, seriously, is this even worth my time?

God: If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t still be talking about it.

Me: Oh, right.

God: Here are five more poem ideas for you. Stop whining and get to work.

Me: Wow, awesome! Thanks!

(6 months later)

Me: God, these poems are good but they’re not great. I don’t think I have it in me to make them great.

God: You're right, you don’t. Not yet, anyway. That’s why I’m here.

Me: Oh.

God: You have natural talent, Kasey. Listen to me and I’ll teach you how to use it, and together we’ll make them really great, okay?

Me: Okay!

God: Good. Now stop whining and get to work.

(a few weeks after that)

Me: This poem is impossible. I’ve tried fixing it every way I can think of and it’s just not working. What’s the deal?

God: [silence]
Me: What else rhymes with love? Dove, glove, shove…

God: [silence]

Me: I’m too tired. I’ve already edited 3 poems tonight. I’m going to bed.

(the next night)

Me: Back to this poem. Love…

God: Above.
Me: ABOVE! Yes, thank you! It seems so simple now! Why didn’t I think of that yesterday?

God: Because you weren’t supposed to edit this poem yesterday. I had it scheduled for today. Remember what I said about you and me working together?

Me: Right, sorry.

God: It’s okay, you’re still learning. Let’s keep going. Bring up that poem about Christmas- I’ve got a few ideas for you on how to smooth it out.
Me: Thanks, I would love that!

(a month after that)

Me: Lord, I think it’s finished. Is it finished?

God: It’s wonderful, Kasey. Thanks for working with me. I love you and I’m so pleased with the work we’ve done. Just remember that no matter what happens when you submit this, we’re in it together and my will will be done.

Me: So it might tank?

God: It might, but just remember that if it does, it’s supposed to. It will mean I might have another lesson for you to learn.

Me: I’ll remember that. Thanks for teaching me how to listen. You’re a great editor, Lord.

God: I’ve had some practice.


  1. Thanks so much for bringing me on board, guys! I'm so excited! :-)

  2. Kasey, I love this post. And I am excited to hear from you every week.

    I have had similar experiences and impressions from our Heavenly Father. There have been several times that I have convinced myself to claim defeat, and in these moments our Father in Heaven has stretched for this patient hand and reminded me that I must rely on Him.

  3. Welcome, Kasey! This is a great post. I particularly like your disclaimer :)



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