Friday, December 2, 2011

'Tis the Season

I really hope you are all enjoying the stories from our little e-book, Totally Cliche, as much as I have. As most of us have at least started our Christmas shopping, it's probably time to think about what to buy for those on my list. Right?

In truth, many people I know have purchased e-readers this past year. I'm considering e-books as gifts. What, you say? But it's not tangible, you can't hold them, they're not REAL!

At least with gift cards people can buy things they can physically hold, right?

Well, except iTunes gift cards, which I often give and receive. Love those.

I submit that any story, regardless of its format, that transports the reader and makes them laugh, cry, or shout, is REAL. Therefore, e-books have become a viable option in my gift-giving repertoire. The hardest part is picking a good one. There are a lot of e-books out there even a novice can look at and know the writer should have taken more time to polish the story.

Call it a shameless plug, but I submit Totally Cliche has been painstakingly edited and formatted, and is full of stories guaranteed to entertain. It's a great gift idea, and at only 99 cents, is really a steal!

Go ahead and pick up a copy today. You can give them as gifts, which, incidentally, is totally fun!


  1. Awesome plug, Cheri! Especially now that I think we've fixed any errors!

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