Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guest Post and Call-out

Today I've asked fellow writer JoLyn Brown to do a guest post / call-out. That's right she's issuing a call for stories. Check out what she has to say, who knows, you might be interested in answering her call for stories.

A Call for Stories
JoLyn Brown
I grew up in a rural town in Utah. We had a small peach orchard to work and lots of family nearby. I've always liked listening to stories and some of my family members were very willing to share theirs. I especially enjoyed hearing the same stories from different people. They always had their own little spin, something they noticed that no one else did. It felt like a puzzle I was putting together bit by bit. Somewhere in that time I started to write, and threads of my family's lives began appearing on the paper. It seems that a love of their stories got in my blood. 

My interest in stories about true-life experiences has continued to grow. Another of my favorite topics is stories about women in the Relief Society doing relatively simple things and unknowingly starting a chain reaction for good. Sometimes, after hearing an experience, I would think, "Someone ought to put together a book of stories like those." It took a while, but I finally thought, "Well, no one's getting around to this. Maybe it's something I can do." 

"A Circle of Sisters" is the result of that change in thought. With the help of some amazing authors and friends, I put together a proposal along with several of my own stories. I am excited to report that both Covenant and Walnut Springs publishing companies are interested in seeing a completed project. 

Now, I am issuing a call for stories. If you have a story to share, please write it up and send it to me. I am looking for true experiences told in first person that tell how you were changed for the better by the Relief Society. 

Our lives are all interconnected, a circle of sisters with so much to give. Just like with my own family's stories, your perspective and how your experiences changed you is an important piece of the bigger story, the story of the Relief Society. This organization is making a difference, day by day, one sister at a time. 

There is so much inspiration and hope to be found in sharing these experiences. Did a sister show up at your house at just the right moment? Did you take on a calling in the Relief Society that you didn't think you could do and find that you were blessed somehow? Have you ever tried to serve someone and found they were serving you instead?

You can send your stories to For complete writers guidelines, please take a look at the submission guidelines at I'm so excited to read your stories. 

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  1. I really like that idea for a book. I will have to think about any experiences I may have had that would work. Thanks for visiting us on MMW and letting us know about your project!



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