Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest Post: Nikki Wilson??!!

Wait...I guess I'm not really a guest, but I didn't want to mess with my Sunday theme this month.  Plus, it makes me look important!  
This past three years on Mormon Mommy Writers has been completely surreal.   I can't believe it has gone by so fast.  This blog is my constant in my writing journey.  When life is too crazy to write anything else, I still write here once a week.  It gives me the chance to still feel like a writer and keep my dream alive.  Cuz I've found that as long as the dream is alive, life seems a little bit easier.  This past year has been full of change for my family. I have four children and one is in high school and two others in junior high and they all keep me so busy. If that's not enough, my husband and I found ourselves needing to make some tough financial decisions this year and we moved from our home that we've been in for the past 12 years.  But every single one of these changes has been a blessing in our lives.  Even losing our house was definitely for the best.  All these things have helped me to see the Lord's hand in my life.  I see him shaping me into the person He knows I can become, and little by little, I can catch a glimpse of the person I can be too. My writing is the same way. No I haven't taken the publishing world by storm yet, but I have found so much more through my writing journey, I have found myself. Writing was a roller coaster for me the past few years, I would be excited about what I' d written , then I'd query and get the rejection blues. Then I'd stop writing and feel like a failure. But through much soul searching and many prayers I am no longer on that roller coaster. Now I only feel hope when I write. Hope that I can be the person my Fathr in Heaven wants me to be, and hope that I will reach my potential.
This blog also gives me hope. I see each one of us writing because God gave us this gift, and I know that we are together in trying to reach our divine potential one word at a time. So today, you are all my guest and I ask you this, what has writing taught you? Has writing helped you to grow as a person?


  1. What a wonderful post. Nikki, you are an inspiration to all of us who have dreamed of making their voice heard through the written word. A large majority of the world's most talented and passionate writers have never been published, and within this community that you've created at MMW, you remind us that that's okay- it's all a part of the journey, and it doesn't make you any less of a writer just because you don't have agents knocking down your door.

    My "writing journey" is still startlingly new, but it's been unfolding in such a way that I can clearly see that it's what I'm meant to do. It has helped me to become closer to God, because I've realized that those whispers I've felt ever since I was a little girl were actually God trying to tell me who I really am. Now that I've "turned up the volume", so to speak, He and I are communicating much more clearly and I have found that my writing skills have given me the capacity to bless the lives of others in ways that I never imagined. The pen is in my hand and it is poised over the paper, just waiting for the Lord to guide it.

    I feel grateful for my gift and especially blessed for this community of valiant, strong, and incredibly intelligent women who share this journey with me!

    1. Thanks, Kasey! I'm so glad you are writing. Your talent is amazing and should never be hidden. - Nikki



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