Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guest Post: Rebecca Carlson!

Today we get to hear from Rebecca Carlson! I'm so excited for all tha past bloggers of Mormon Mommy Writers who are stopping by to visit us! MMW wouldn't be the same blog it is today without each and every one of them! (There would be a picture if my computer hadn't crashed!)

Why You Should Keep Writing

I'd like to thank Nikki and the rest of the Mormon Mommy Writers for this chance to post here again. I've missed this blog with its warm, enthusiastic sense of sisterhood and support. In thinking about what I wanted to say to everyone, I decided to try and give back what this blog gave to me - encouragement and inspiration.

I am here to tell you why you, yes, you, personally, should keep writing.

People need stories. People need stories like they need food, shelter, and love. Every part of the world that we haven't experienced for ourselves, we can understand only through story. I believe God gave us imaginations so we could understand each other, the world around us, who we are, and most importantly, so that we could envision what we can become. Without story, there is no understanding. Without story, there is no change. No plans. No hopes. No dreams. People need stories.

But why should YOU write them? Why not leave all that hard work to someone else? Because people need all kinds of stories. Some to make us laugh, some to make us cry, some to make us think. No one in this world but you has your voice. No one but you can tell the stories that will come from the fire in your very own heart.

I'm waiting to read what you have to say.

Keep writing.

Rebecca J. Carlson



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