Saturday, February 4, 2012

Book Review, Season of Sacrifice by Tristi Pinkston

You might recognize the book I'm reviewing today as one we gave away just last month during our big celebration. I guess you could call today's post a reminder to go out and get yourself a copy!

If you didn't get a chance to catch Tristi's guest post and giveaway click here and if you would like to see her Saturday Stories interview click here.

Review:  Season of Sacrifice

Season of Sacrifice is a beautiful story of love and loss and faith. Tristi does a wonderful job of offering a glimpse back into the life of her ancestors and their struggles as they immigrated from Wales to America and the Utah territory. I enjoyed taking a more intimate look at the lives of the pioneers and how hard it was for them to tame the barren desert that was their Zion. I found myself wondering if I could do as sisters Sarah and Mary Anne and their family and leave behind the lush green of my homeland for the dusty dirt coated land of Utah. (I don't contemplate this question for too long because I'm afraid I probably would have taken one look at the desert and hiked up my skirts and headed back to Denmark.)

There are several things sisters Sarah and Mary Anne are called upon to do that I don't know if I would have had the faith to handle. Yet their determination and perseverance embodies everything the early Saints stood for; the very things we honor and admire about them. This book is full of great reminders about the valiant shoulders upon which many of us stand today.

Watching as Tristi's ancestors forged a new frontier reminded me just how much I have to be grateful for and just how much I take for granted. This is a great look at Mormon history that makes me want to go out and put my own family history into story format. Great job, Tristi!

Tristi is a prolific writer that I think probably has an alter-ego that goes by the name of Superwoman. Seriously, I get tired just thinking about everything she does. She's a modern day pioneer in her own right.

I highly recommend you check out her blog to see what other books she's penned as well as her website to find out all the amazing things this lady is up to (it's a lot, trust me). She's even got a recipe book!

If you'd like to get a copy of Season of Sacrifice for yourself click here.

Thanks Tristi!

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