Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Post: Jaqueline Gardner

 Meet Jaqueline Gardner!  She writes YA and her first book is about to be published in March.  To find out more about her, check out her blog and read this wonderful guest post she shared with us.

Oh My Grandma!

Coming from a family of engineers and strictly logical thinkers, I used to wonder why my imagination refused to quit.  Why did I spend all my free time scribbling nonsense in the little notebook on my night stand?  Even as an adult I still find myself wandering the streets of Paris in an emerald green gown while staring at my computer screen.

This Christmas my question was finally answered.  It really is a family thing.

My husband and I spent our holiday in Salt Lake City.  With my first book coming out this year there has been a lot of family buzz, mostly from my grandma Ebby.  And after a long chat and too much caramel corn, grandma Ebby decided to let me in on a little secret of hers.

Grandma:  I’m so happy you’re being published! I used to write too you know, back in the day.
Me: Really? You wrote a book?
Grandma: Oh no honey. I wrote eight.
Me: Reaching for my glass of water and trying not to choke. Grandma!

My grandma has since ripped apart all her manuscripts, something I’ve thought about doing many times.  But the stories remain intact in her memory.  A light bulb went off and I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper.  She talked, I scribbled like crazy, and three hours later I had outlines for two historical romance novels. 

Timing is funny thing.  Forty years after throwing in the towel, I’m sure my grandma never imagined she’d have a second chance at writing.  But she has a very nosey granddaughter, one that asks way too many questions.  Historical romance isn’t really my genre, but I’m excited to take on this new project in her behalf.

So what did I get for Christmas this year?  I got the advice of a fellow family writer, new novel fodder, a new cupcake carrier (I had to throw that in), and the promise of an exciting new year.  


  1. I was so touched when I read this, because as I've started writing, my dad keeps telling me how much I remind him of his mother. She passed away when I was in college, before I really let my dream of being a writer become anything more than an idea in my head. My dad tells me she wrote poetry and that my writing reminds him of hers. I need to find out if he still has anything she's written. I also inherited her height (I'm 5'8", my mom is only 5'3"), and her long fingers and toes. It's inspiring to feel a part of those who have passed before us and to know that we're carrying on their legacy in a way. :-)

  2. I too really felt this one. Grandma's are so special, and it's always amazing when they let you in on one more thing to help you understand both them and life in general. Sounds like a great project to work on!

  3. Go Grandma!! I would love to read the stories when published.

  4. Wonderful! So much of what we are comes from those who came before us, and all the dreams we never realized may be realized by our posterity. Thanks for sharing this story.

  5. What a great story...I have a legacy of writing from my mother. I would be very surprised to hear she'd written 8 books, though. :)



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