Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Mind looks like an episode of Hoaders

Writing Conferences are like a trip to Disney World for writers.  Magical, exciting, and they leave you hyped up and ready for more fun.  I have had the lucky privileged to attend LDS Storymaker's once before.  Unfortunately, I live way over in Virginia.  So I do not get to make it every year.  This does not mean there are not other options.

Just this Saturday while I hung around cyber space, I found myself stumbling upon  The Writer's Dojo.  They were hosting an Online Writer's conference.  If I had known about it beforehand I would have let all of you know.  I learned a lot and came away all riled up and ready to dive into my writing. 

Luckily, for those who were not as fortunate to stumble upon the Dojo before or during the conference, you can still benifit from all of the wonderful knowledge that was presented.

If you were one of the ladies looking for a query critique, from Elana Johnson in our January giveaways and you would still like some advice, go visit the session held with her.  She maps out her querying genius for everyone.

Or if you have always wanted to analyze JK Rowling's Harry Potter, for its writing merits, visit S.P. Spinal's session.

I was able to shove so much information in my brain that it really looked like an episode of hoarders inside my head.

Hop on over and shove as much info into your head too!!!

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  1. hahaha! I know what you mean,Amber! That is a perfect way to describe those online conferences! I absolutley love them! --Nikki



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