Friday, February 10, 2012

The Next Chapter

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the day I received the email from Cedar Fort saying they wanted to publish my novel, The Peasant Queen. It's also the day I received another email from Cedar Fort saying they will pass on publishing its sequel, The Tyrant King.

As hind sight is 20/20, I'll admit the "universe" had given me some clues this would happen. Since I've been mentally preparing my back up plan for months I really feel at peace with their decision. They are a company and, ultimately, in the business of making money. Decisions have to be made. Some have to be "yes" while others have to be "no."

There's rather a cruel review of The Peasant Queen on Goodreads where the person says my book is proof that Cedar Fort will publish anyone and everything.

Apparently not. :)

After receiving the email yesterday, I sort of had to breathe for a minute or two. I won't deny I was kinda hoping for a yes. But, as the day wore on and I started realizing what this really means, I got excited.

I'm self publishing The Tyrant King. It's still going to have a professional cover, professional edit, and a professional interior design. But *I* get the final say. On everything.

It's sort of freaking me out that I get so excited by rejection. I mean I was literally dancing in my house. Skipping. You're probably glad you missed it.

Of course, it didn't take long for the rest of the mantle to settle on my shoulders. Everything is up to me. Advertising, promotion, trying to get it into bookstores. Everything. Oh, carp. And, the same will go for the final book, The Lost Princess, which I plan to publish next year. So, ya, I panicked a little bit.

Ultimately, though, I'm incredibly at peace with this decision. Research and the experience of other authors has shown no publisher picks up a series in the middle. It won't do any good to try and push TTK around to other publishers. This is the best decision for this series. And it hardly means I'm now going to self publish all my works. I'm still looking for that balance.

And, right this minute, I'm more excited than scared. :)

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  1. Good luck with self-publishing Cheri! That's such an exciting step.



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