Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Not only am I a MMW (Mormon Mommy Writer), I am a MMMW (Married Mormon Mommy Writer.  Being all of these things means that at times I have my hands super full.  My full focus does not always get to be on the W because I have other VERY important  M's in my life.  Being a Mormon, speaks of my relationship with my God, which must always come first.  And logically the importance of the remaining letters should be Marriage, Mommy, and then Writer.  Don't get me wrong.  I realize that at times my children's needs will come first.  But the relationship between my valentine and I should always be paramount, save the relationship with my God.

"The relationship between husband and wife is the linchpin in the whole family relationship." - James E Faust

Therefore, on this Valentine's Day I have some words to my Valentine!

     As a young girl I often held my breath through tunnels, studied the skies for shooting stars, wished upon the birthday cake candles, and treated every fountain as my personal wishing well.  I loved these things, because each provided an opportunity to submit my wishes to the unseen wish granter.  
    Time has passed and instead of wishing I question:
     Who needs to hold their breath through tunnels?  Every time I see you smile it takes my breath away.
     Why study the skies for stars?   I can see them in your eyes.
     What good is a birthday candle?  It marks another year with you.
     Where can I find my wishing well?  In your arms.  
You are my every dream, my every hope.  You are my wish come true.

Happy Valentines' Day to all our readers!!! 
Go tell your Valentine how much you care!

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