Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time to Pay the Piper

A long time ago I heard some advice you may be familiar with. It basically says that whatever you really want, you need to send it out into the universe somehow, usually by writing it down, making it a concrete thing in both your mind and to the universe in general. We know that what we are really doing is sharing with our Heavenly Father what it is we really want.
What we also have to know is that those things don't come easily, or immediately. Sometimes they sneak in the back door and we don't realize that we have them until years later. Just recently, as we've slowly been going through boxes of stuff that have been boxed for years, my husband and I came across a list we'd made about 10 years ago, give or take. On this list were things that we needed or wanted. Things like a new washer and dryer. A home of our own. A new TV. Tangible things that we needed or wanted.
It surprised me to find that during those years, all of those "goals" had been achieved. None of them at the time I would have chosen, and none of them without sacrifice. But we had all those things. Even the new TV. :)
So I've learned the power of the positive, forward moving statement in writing in life. And so when I wrote THIS post, I knew that it would be a good thing for me to do, to yell out to the universe what my intentions were. And they were to get Fairy Godfather written so I could pitch it during the conference.

What I have to remember, however, is that these gifts from the heavens don't come free. There is a price for everyone of them. Especially when it's a personal goal, the Lord seems to say, "I can see that right now you really want this. It's important to you at this moment. But you need to be 100% sure it's what you really want, so I'm going to give you several trials. I'll help you know for sure that it's what you want before I give it to you."

So as soon as I said I wanted to have this book finished, all kinds of things happened. It's been challenging, trying to regain my equilibrium, but now that conference is around the corner, I have to share that I did not finish. But I have to be okay with that, and know that even though it was my timetable, it wasn't the Lord's timetable. It doesn't mean that I won't be finished eventually, but at a pace more conducive to reality.

So I withdrew from the pitch, but entered the Beginning Of Book contest (BOB) instead. I at least had a beginning I could share. :)


  1. I find myself running into the difference between my timeline vs my Heavenly Father's timeline. Mine always seems to be ASAP or NOW. It is good to take a step back and acknowledge all my blessings.



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