Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Courage to Be Who You Are

Days, dates, and anniversaries have a tendency to just sneak right up on me. I glanced at the time on my tool bar and saw the 9/11 looming underneath the time.  A wide range of emotions filtered through me when I saw that. My sadness and reverence gave way to gratitude and hope.  I am grateful for a nation that responded with so much unity when under attack 11 years ago.  It is during times of trial that our true natures emerge.  Such tragic events like those of 9/11/01 cause most to reflect on their accomplishments and desires.

Are you on the path you really want to be traveling?  Or are you letting  fear or the expectations of others dictate your choices?  If you are not on your desired path, then you are sure to live a life filled with regrets and what if's.

I read a post by Rachel Coleman, who blogs at Rachel + Co.  I have to share her words with you, because I know there are many of you who need to read them.

it takes a lot of courage to say i want to be a writer.

it takes even more courage to say i want to be a writer more than i want to spend time with friends, or organize that drawer, or visit a neighbor, or volunteer at the kids' school, or contribute to my family's finances. when i write, there is a list of a 1,000 other things i could be doing with those hours. i look at that list in my mind's eye every day when i sit down to write. and i have to take fresh courage every day.
 We cannot let the fear of what others expect of us get in the way of our writing.  If writing is the path you have chosen, or if it is the path that has chosen you, then have the courage to travel it.  Everyday is a gift that must be used to get you to where you want to be going.  I do not want to be in the face of tragedy only to realize I had let fears and expectations govern who I am. 


  1. I love this. There always are so many other things that feel more important that the ideas bouncing around in my head. It takes courage to sit down, write, and not feel guilty that I prioritized that time for writing.

  2. Thanks for the great reminder. I too have to take courage every day to be a writer. And I hate when I let fear hold me back.

  3. i love this! it's true that tragedy often gives us an opportunity to re-evalute and realign our course with the correct destination in mind. it's reaffirming to think i'm doing exactly what i want to be doing with this life. [or maybe that's just another way to assuage my guilt for a messy house] ha! either way, i'm almost finished with another story and spending the last year writing my guts out has solidified at least one thing for me: i'm a better writer than house cleaner.

    thank you!



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