Friday, September 21, 2012

My Daughter's Teacher Gave Me Homework

Only a writer/mom can walk into her 3rd grader's parent-teacher conference and come out with homework. 
 I admit that, for me, going to my youngest child's parent-teacher conferences is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Somehow, I gave birth to an angel and she lives among us. I hear things like "she's so sweet" or "I just love her" or "she gets along with everyone" and the like. A couple years ago she was the hit of her class because she befriended an Autistic boy and helped him with his work. But this was nothing to her. She made a friend--that was it. And she could help him, which is something she loves to do more than breathe. She loves to help.
 But I digress. We had particular fun this last conference because the teacher spent 5 min correcting a 91% in Spelling that should have been 100%. (really, 100.5%, but who's counting?) It just made me laugh that she knew my little girl so well that she looked at the 91 and thought "this is not right" and set about researching and fixing it. 
 Anyway, as he is wont to do, my husband informed the teacher that I'm a writer--and I have 3 published books. And, as my manager, he is going to spend the next few months getting me into schools for author visits and maybe line up some other speaking engagements.
 So Mrs. Smith got really excited, and suggested I come to the class and teach a series of mini classes on the different aspects of writing--outlining, plotting, story structure, hook, etc. As we gradually made our way to the door she kept talking about how great it would be to have a published author helping out her class. 
 Then she turned to me and said, "Why don't you write them a story? Just a short thing, about friendship (the classroom theme) and when you come you can read it to them."
Sure, I said. (why? no idea) So...I have homework. And she promised she wouldn't forget, so I have to have my assignment completed when she comes calling.
 And I just realized the perfect story for them. Would it be wrong to send it out to an editor first? I might get a better grade. :)

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  1. That’s awesome!! Maybe a good submission for the Friend magazine?



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