Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We All Fall Down

On the path to bettering ourselves, we all will face minor or major set backs.  At times quitting will seem so much easier than continuing forward.  The reasons for your journey will become hazy, and your initial joy and excitement will wane.  But to achieve the balance and harmony that we all search and long for takes discipline and the ability to endure through the tougher moments.

 To maintain our focus, we may need adjust our goals.  Adjust seems the wrong term.  Perhaps I should say, divide our goals.  Our ambition often leads us to set lofty goals that are hard achieve or long-term goals which makes progress difficult to measure.  Instead, we should set realistic short term goals that carry us to our long term destination.  Pray for divine inspiration as you attempt to establish your goals.

There are plenty of distractions in our daily lives.  We need to trim the fat from our schedules, without cutting out the necessary tasks that bring us rejuvenation.  If we leave no time for ourselves, we will have nothing left to give.

Inspiration for today's post came from my thoughts an comments on M Russell Ballard's April 1987 Conference address "Keeping Your Life in Balance."


  1. This finding time seems to be a popular topic on blogs lately. I wrote a post about it last week too. :) Life really is a hard balance of wants and needs and giving giving giving. Thanks for these thoughts.

    1. Thanks for reading. Time and balance has been on my thoughts a lot recently. So as I sat down it is what came to me to share. I really enjoyed Elder Ballard's suggestions in the article. I also love that he says they are simple suggestions. I have found it is the simple changes we make in life that can make all the difference.



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