Friday, May 17, 2013

April Showers...and I'm Not Talking Flowers

I'm so glad April is over.   It was a crazy month.   So frantic that I forgot to write a post here for May 3rd.  Well, I actually wrote it, but forgot to post it. 

I participated in the A-Z blogging challenge during April, which involved writing a post a day, starting with the letter A on April 1 and ending with the letter Z on April 30.  The A-Z challenge is a frenzied, intense brain workout. 

Two weeks in, my dad had some stroke symptoms and was hospitalized.  He did not have a stroke, but it was discovered he did have a brain bleed and would need brain surgery .  B is for brain surgery.  Oh.  My.  Word.

Dad, who would be 90 on May 8, came through the surgery very well.  Three days later, he had a slump, and we thought he'd had a stroke.  S is for stroke.  Holy Moly.

However....he rallied with no intervention and began rehab.  R is for rehab.

After only twenty-four hours in rehab, he had more stroke symptoms.

Back to the hospital.  H is for hospital.

Then, he developed a bladder problem and contracted MRSA.  M is for  Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  I see why they call it MRSA.

He is a trooper, my dad - part of that greatest generation - and he stabilized enough to send him back to rehab May 3 (my forgetful posting day.  F is for forgetful.)  Hopefully, he will keep moving forward.

We had a big birthday party for him on the 8th.

We had his favorite foods - honey-baked ham and cherry cobbler.  C is for cherry cobbler.  I'm stuck on this letter thing, as you can see.

I hope May brings less attention to the alphabet and no hospital visits.  I pray May brings strawberries and cool breezes and better days for Dad.  D is for Dad. 

I've got to get off this train.

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