Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talking Tuesday; Falling in Love All Over

While cleaning my daughter's room last week I found an old journal of mine.  It was from the semester of college that I met my husband.  I couldn't resist taking a break from my cleaning, so I sat down to read a few pages.  This lead to me reading the entire journal. 

I discovered I have forgotten quite a bit about myself then.  But mostly I learned what a blessing it is that my husband saw through my craziness and loved me.  Seriously, I must have thought the world revolved around me.  

It was nice to walk down memory lane.  It was just as good for me as curling up with my favorite book. I am not saying that my journal is the next best seller.  I doubt that it would have the same pull for anyone else.  But for me it did what every good book should do.  It transported me outside of what I was doing, and dropped me into an experience that pulled at my emotions. 

Have you ever written your own love story? 

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  1. I love reading my old journals! Remember that summer at Girl’s Camp when Alicia started reading my journals and we couldn’t tear her away? LOL! I think we all thought the world revolved around us. I have a tendency to yell at myself when I read my journals, mostly because I was acting like a complete moron most of the time. Looking back, I feel like the decisions I made were so OBVIOUSLY stupid that I wish I could reach back through time and smack myself upside the head.

    But yes, the one very good decision I made was taking the plunge and giving my heart to my husband. He too saw through all of my very potent flaws and was kind enough (dumb enough?) to take me on. Love him!!



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