Friday, May 31, 2013

Writing in Cycles

June is a day away, and I thought I would have my book finished by now.  I'm working on a book for families - a Christmas project - called "The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure." 

I work on it furiously during November and December, because I'm thinking of Christmas, of course.  Come January, I'm weary of the thing (it involves a lot of pictures) and I set it aside for awhile, swearing to be done by June.  I'm ashamed to admit I've done this for three years.

I know this is an unproductive pattern.  Well, it's productive during November and December, and then the factory practically shuts down.  I clearly struggle to write about a holiday when the holiday is not upon me.  Is there a remedy for this?

I think it's this: I have to keep writing.

When the Christmas cookies are gone, I have to keep writing about Christmas.  When the Valentine candy appears in stores, I have to keep writing about Christmas.  When St. Patrick's day rolls around and May tulips are springing up, I have to keep writing about Christmas.  When Independence Day cookouts are smoking and school starts back up...I have to keep writing about Christmas. 

If I could do this for just ONE year, I know my work in progress would be my work is done.  At least until I find a publisher, and their suggestions send me back to the factory for some adjustments. 

Is anyone else working on a project that is seasonal, or circumstantial, and when that atmosphere wanes, so does some of your motivation?


  1. In short, YES. I’m a very mood-driven writer, so this is something I’m struggling with right now as well. Sometimes I’m really feeling my story, other times, well, not so much. In fact, tomorrow’s post will be a little bit about that. :-)

    Glad I’m not the only one!!!

  2. 'mood-driven writer' is a VERY good term. Had not thought of it in that way, but you are right on the money. That is my issue. I read your post and thought it was great. We just have to keep moving forward, don't we?!



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