Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday So What: Lending a helping quill

I'm writing this Friday night, because tomorrow I will be at Storymakers once again, running back and forth through the Marriot lobby, bringing Anne Perry scones (it was really a roll, but I'm sticking to the British thing), trying to joke with nervous authors while they wait for their turn to pitch, and probably at some point trying to remember someone's name who's face I know from Facebook.

But today, aside from sore feet, I gained something new. A knowledge that people actually know who I am. Huh, go freaking figure. Sometimes, it feels like we write words and then toss them into the void, never to be seen or heard from again. I was so humbled and warm and fuzzy feelinged with all the people who came up to me today who said they'd read my book, seen me on the Today show, - and even, yes, regularly read my posts here on MMW. Jeanna Stay- learn that name now folks, cuz you will be seeing it again someday - found me at the mass author signing to say hello and meet the snark in person since she reads my column weekly. I had a lot of fun chatting with her about fractured fairytales, how to get sneak into a trend, and more. And I promised I would include her in tonite's post. Mission accomplished!

Also learned today, were somethings I already knew. Like, Tristi Pinkston is a freaking hilarious MC. Or that agents and editors are really people and don't walk around with pitchforks, torturing poor authors for fun while on break. Having the villain secretly be the Main characters's dad is way overdone. Cheetos will always top Lays. Heels are not smart all day running wear. Annette Lyon is truly the Queen of the Grammar Nazis. And we Mormons have some of the best most creative minds on the planet. And when we come together it makes a super supportive community that lifts each other up and celebrates our success.

My advice to anyone who is reading this today, find your writing community.  Whether online, in your hometown... whatever.  But find some peeps outside your mom and granny who can faux swear along with you when the rejections come, tell you when your character is whiny, and remind you that you are an awesome success with a story only you can tell.

Self esteem and mental health issues are pretty much a mandatory requirement for an author. And the publishing field is littered with land mines that can blow even the best of us to pieces. I am here to pick them up with you. The other MMW's are here. Share your heartaches and your successes. Ask questions or share your wisdom. That's why we're all here isn't it?

If you have something you want to say, ask, names you want to call me or news you want to share - please email me at and I will see what I can do to lending a helping quill.

Love y'all



  1. Wish, wish, wish I could go! One of these years maybe. Sounds so much fun! (I have to meet Annette Lyon, I thought I was Queen of the Grammar Nazis!)

  2. wonderful post. We DO need encouragement from writing sisters. How fun that you are becoming famous! I saw you on the TODAY show too. :-) You go, girl!
    from The Dugout

  3. It was fun to meet you, Betsy! You were delightful and charming and funny. And no one paid me to say that! :) Thanks, too, for the great fairy tale advice. Hope to see you around again someday!



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