Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Talking Tuesday: Writer's Block: Is Its All in your Head?

I happily stumble upon a group of authors doing podcast, Author's Think Tank, this week. Today I listened to Episode 11 The Myth  of Writer's Block.  Shirley Bahlmann, one of their guest authors, very confidently says there is no such thing as writers block.  After which she tells us how to get through those hard moments when you are trying to find the direction your story needs to go.  But much like Kasey's post, it can all come down to positive thinking.  When you say you have writer's block you are focusing on the negative.  If you instead approach the moments has an opportunity to choose which direction is best for your story it becomes a much more positive experience.

If we give our thoughts over to negative mantras, "I will never get through this...." or  "I cannot accomplish....", then we are setting ourselves up to fail.  I often run into this same problem when I approach running.  I get to a point where my mental focus is on my exhaustion, pain, and boredom.  When I allow this to fill my mind, it is almost impossible for me to run any further.  The negative thoughts weigh on me as if they were an hundred pound pack.  When I tell myself that I can continue and I focus on a goal, then my determination carries me. 

Our minds are powerful.  Where we choose to set our focus will determine where we end up.  Use your power for good.

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