Monday, May 20, 2013

I’m Having a Little Too Much Fun

I realized after I wrote this post that I had planned on a “happiness clicker project” follow-up today. Well, I couldn’t find my clicker. So I didn’t do it. But what I have been doing is pretending I have a clicker and consciously trying to think happier thoughts. Works great when I remember to do it! ;-) I’ll get back with y’all about the clicking next week. If you missed that post, check it out here.

So, I’ve mentioned before about some of my *other* writing gigs. Today I thought I’d share one with you.

A few months back I attended a birthday party for a friend over at a consignment store near my house. When I heard they were having a party at a consignment store, I thought it was a little bit odd, but I was curious. Well, when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised- okay, more like stunned. It was the prettiest consignment store I had ever seen.

I ended up talking with the owner for awhile and I learned that she had opened the year before, but she was struggling to get the word out (it’s literally about 8 minutes from my house and I never knew it was there- and I’m a total clothes horse/bargain hunter). I told her I would love to help her out, so we ended up meeting and talking marketing and, long story short, I now do a blog for her.

We’re still working on getting followers (planning a big giveaway for that next week) but I’m really proud of what I’ve put together for her. You can check it out here- The Sophisticated Suitcase. I do a seasonal blog plan, then I go into the store about once a month to take photos for the posts I have planned, then I do one post a week and link it up to the store's facebook page.

I love going into the store and setting up my shots and dressing up the mannequins and finding outfits that go together- it’s just a total blast. Then I get to come home and edit the photos and do the other thing I love- write about them! And while I don’t get paid much (she’s struggling so I’m on the low end of the pay scale until *hopefully* we can get her going) I am having a blast doing it, and I know it will be great experience and possibly a stepping stone to other similar opportunities.

Am I the only one marketing my skills or has anyone else out there ventured into advertising? Just curious... ;-)

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  1. What a great idea to help your friend. Kudos to you. I love second-hand stores. I love the "share the goods" mentality. The planet has plenty of 'stuff', we should be sharing our goods. For me, I resist advertising myself. I know it's necessary, esp. for a writer...I just can't get past the 'look at me' factor.
    from The Dugout



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