Friday, June 27, 2014

Ups and Downs


I'm checking in on the fly this week, because life has been hectic.  I didn't prepare a post ahead of time.  I hate it when that happens.  I'm normally organized.

But, we had surprise company, and I had a colonoscopy (which knocked me flat for a few days) and I got a rejection letter from a publisher, and I cracked my laptop screen, and I discovered I had a hole in the retina of my right eye.  See?  Crazy, up and down week.

Still... I'm grateful.  Here's what I learned.

1.  I had a wonderful few days with my grown son and his lovable dachshund.  Every time the pup visits, I think I want a dog.

2.  I have a polyp-free colon.

3.  Three days after my rejection letter from one publisher, another one asked to see my book proposal.  This editor might reject it too, but until he decides, I'm happy.

4.  The hole in my retina was discovered in a random eye visit to Lens Crafters for new glasses.   This freaked me out.

5.  The next day I saw an eye surgeon, who explained the hole could be sealed by laser surgery.  This freaked me out further.  A laser in the eye?  And I'm awake for this?  

6.  Two days later, I put on my big girl panties and endured the blinding (literally) laser light that fixed my holey retina.  The procedure lasted five minutes.  It was uncomfortable, but bearable.  I'm still agog that an eye hole can be repaired by a laser and a doc wearing a miner's flashlight cap.

7.  Even if I've stepped over a computer cord three times without incident, I can trip on the fourth time, hurt my knee cap and crack my laptop screen.  ARGH!

8.  Shopping with my son in a sports store, I found a pair of work out pants.  I've been wearing the same ratty gym shorts for ten years.  I'm going to shop in the sports store more often.

9.  While resting after the colonoscopy, I caught up on back episodes of the BBC's Sherlock.  Fascinating, brilliant show, even though Benedict Cumberbatch is goofy looking.

10.  I need to plan posts, because when I don't, they're disjointed and rambley. 

How's your week been?


  1. LOL! Sometimes the disjointed and rambling posts are the most fun. I’m sorry you had a rough week! My week has been full of my 4 kids. Library on Monday, botanical gardens on Tuesday (plus we had an extra kid with us that day- his mom is helping at the church Girls Camp for the week), grocery shopping on Wednesday, the park and ice cream yesterday (again with an extra kid), and swimming every afternoon! Plus a Boy Scout pack meeting Tuesday night and archery practice Wednesday night...I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing??? Oh, well. Maybe next week. (HA!) :-)

    Rest up and feel better Mare!

    1. I remember those days with the kids were young. It was in and out of the car ALL day long during the summer!

  2. I loved the reality of this post, Mare (although, for your sake, I wish there had been fewer downs)! I hope you feel better soon. I'll be praying for you!

  3. Yes, I too have been busy with kids this week. I'm so happy to hear of the interest in your manuscript! I'm glad your savoring it.



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