Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Mormon Lit Blitz--Flash Fiction Fun!

- a post by Jeanna Mason Stay
For the past three years, a lovely group of literary folk have been running the Mormon Lit Blitz, a little competition for flash fiction (in this case, pieces that are less than 1000 words). Today marks one of the last days of the competition before voting begins.

The fun thing about flash fiction is that it’s just that—flash, fast, just little snippets that pack punch. Some of the pieces each year have been poetry (which I confess I put in a different category from flash fiction, but some of it was so good I didn’t care), and others have been experimental forms, while most have been just straight-up short fiction.

I hope you will consider reading through the entries for this year’s Lit Blitz and voting when the time comes. You’ll get fun and interesting and thought-provoking works, all in three-minute bursts! If you want to join the discussion on the pieces, here’s where you can do that too (the link is only to the discussion of the first piece, but I have faith in your ability to figure out how to find the rest from there). And maybe next year you can enter and be part of the blitz.

A few past favorites (in no particular order, and surprisingly many relevant to motherhood):*

"Actionable Intelligence" by Jonathon Penny

"Stillborn" by Merrijane Rice

"When I Rise" by Kimberly Hartvigsen

"Birthright" by Emily Harris Adams

"No Substitute for Chocolate" by Jeanna Mason Stay**  ***

* I won’t have added this year’s favorites because I’m writing this ahead of time—shocking!
** Hey, I was going to try to be all humble and not mention it, but then I decided not to. :)
*** Also, in case you should take the piece too seriously (as some did), no, I do not advocate this type of plan. It was a story, intended for humorous effect, not a real suggestion. 

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