Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How PT is like Writing

Recently I was minding my own business and walkin' down the stairs in my own home and fell.... yes I fell down the stairs. Over the next couple days and weeks I felt terrible and the doctor sent me over to physical therapy. Where I was told that my fall down the stairs caused whiplash in my neck. So the best ever Face Book post would be ... "you know your old when you fall down the stairs and give yourself whiplash" Ha! right. While I was at PT I was thinkin' about how I needed to write a post and I started thinkin' that PT is like writing. We have this pain (you know the voices in your head) that we just want to get rid of. We want to get it all out there so that we can go back to life or publish again or move on to the next project. But like PT it takes work and time. We can't always get everything out and perfect in a few days or even the first time. Writing takes work! It takes time, typing skills... you know so you can type or write as fast as the stuff is coming into the brain. It takes research, lots of research and rewriting. It sometimes takes others helping you, like a friend reading it and givin' their impressions and edits. And then it sometimes takes rewriting again! So as y'all sit sometimes in frustration remember that writing takes time, it doesn't come all at once and sometimes we need help from others (like friends and family) to encourage, to give us space, and to give us tools that will make us better. Take your time ... write and rewrite when you can. Get yourself the tools you need to write and tell your stories. Don't get down on yourself if you think its not going as fast as someone else or as fast as you want it to. You are you and your stories are your own and they will come out in time as you work!


  1. Oh my! so sorry to read about your tumble. I have to say, thought, I love getting PT. And yes, it's a LOT like writing!

  2. I can definitely see the comparison. Good luck on your recovery!

  3. Hope you recover soon taking a tumble is never nice although it can be funny at times



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