Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tweet, Tweet. Tweet All About It. MMW is on Twitter

Hello, my name is Robin, and I'm addicted to social media. It has been two minutes since I checked my phone. Wait, this isn't the technology addiction group? Oops!  I'm pleased to make your acquaintance here in my first ever MMW post. You'll see me now and then filling in for the regular contributors, but my main responsibility is Twitter.

Who am I? Here's five fast facts about me.
1. I'm a NC mom of 4 with another coming in September.
2. I began my writing journey in 2010 and an revising my fifth manuscript.
3. I will eat caramel (anything).
4. I am both left handed and Norton toed
5. I am a yoga instructor and health and fitness specialist

MMW blogger Kasey Tross recently told us about her technology addiction and why so many of us (myself included) are in her same lot. Her posts helped me to see how ridiculously often I check my phone and to learn to leave it in my bedroom and really BE with my family. Thanks, Kasey!

Still technology has many benefits, so MMW decided to jump into the "twitterverse". But don't worry, we won't be crowding your twitter feed, because, well, we have way too much on our plates to manage that one. Besides, we're working to keep out technology addiction to a minimum.

See you on twitter!


  1. Thanks Robin! Welcome to MMW. :-)

  2. Hey, Robin. Yep, we were in pub primer together--fun times! And I'm left handed too--which is even MORE fun times! :) Anyway, welcome to MMW. Thanks for being our twitter lady.



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