Monday, June 2, 2014

True Changes

First, for those who noticed, I want to apologize... I had to take a short hiatus.  Life has been a bit rough for me the past month or two.  It gets that way, and I'm sure you all know this.  My dear, dear friend Kasey has picked up a bit of the slack for me.  She's so amazing.  I believe this makes me a guest poster!

I've recently started a new job, and part of that job has come with a lot of new reading.  It's not a requirement of any kind, but it has been emphasized to me that what I read/listen to and who I spend time with are two of the biggest influences as to how successful I will be.  This is true for life, not just for a job. This is why I have spent so much time not only on books, but in sharing the thoughts and wisdom that I have been learning with anyone that will listen.  I try to share them on Facebook when possible because I know it's a good way to reach many people that I know.

The changes that I have noticed through my efforts in focusing on these two things are astounding!!  I find that when I plug into one of my audio books as I am about to go work in the yard, I have incredible stay power as I do mundane or physically intense work!  I love it!  My mind has now started shifting from fighting off depressive thoughts when things get rough, to thoughts and ideas on how to endure the trials or how to rise above them!  I am happier more, and when I sit down to work it's not so much of an effort.  This is significant for me, because I have struggled since I was a teenager with an intense anxiety disorder.  I find now that I am not stressed as often, because my thinking is starting to change.  When I talk to people, answers and unknown wisdom comes to my mind to share.  The future doesn't feel as scary... it has really been a huge change!

I guess it just amazes me the power of the written word.  I know that we're all hoping that our words can change or affect others in the powerful ways that we hope.  I know that we can.  It is all within our reach, as long as we continue to keep learning and be smart about how to apply that wisdom.

One of my good friends, Clifford Davis, has written a children's book and I had the privilege of receiving a copy of it.  It is a beautiful, sweet and entertaining book.  He's going to be doing a signing with a few other authors locally here in North Chesterfield, VA, for those who live nearby;

 I am inspired by those of my friends who have taken such a passion to writing, and have gotten themselves and their work out there.  Kasey's books also come to mind.  This is a perfect example of those that I choose to surround myself with.  It's just as important to surround yourself with people that will support you and encourage you!  It's not always easy cutting out the negative influences in your life, but it is critical.  And on the other side, make sure that you are supporting and uplifting those around YOU so that you aren't one of the ones that someone needs to cut out of their life.  I am going to list a few books that I have been reading lately.  (yes I am very into self-help literature)  These books are incredible reads, and are full of wisdom!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and happy reading!!

The Go-Giver - by Bob Burg and John David Mann
Take the Stairs - by Rory Vaden
No Excuses! - by Brian Tracy 
Awaken the Giant Within - by Anthony Robbins

(I highly recommend the audibles... it just goes deeper when you hear them say it!)


  1. I also like “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. And my personal favorite: The Book of Mormon! :-) It is amazing to me how studying that sacred book each day can uplift me and help me with struggles I face. Things that I’ve read will come into my mind when I need it most, and I feel the Spirit every time I study it. Yes, what we read is so important!

    P.S. I’m so glad to have you back and you are NOT a guest poster! I was a guest poster for you! :-)

  2. Welcome back! ;) Great recommendations...I'll have to give these a shot on audible!



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